Summer Garden Harvest


There is a quote by Audrey Hepburn I really like and which makes sense if you garden or not:

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

International Year of Soils
A garden is very much dependent on the weather, the climate and the care it gets from its creator. Normally the garden only exists when it is cared for as gardens are man-made not natural. A garden is the place where the human intervenes with nature by shaping it into something more convenient, more productive and what he believes is to be beautiful.

Would we have less environmental impact if we all had a garden to play with nature? I won’t be answering this question here on Your Green City. But I want to answer another question. How do we create gardens in places where humans have conquered nature: The City.

The urban environment is very often deprived of nature and it’s natural inhabitants, the animals and plants. What we normally find in urban areas are lawns and parks where nothing grows freely. Parks have two main functions, to be places where humans can forget the stress inside the city and as places for fresh air and recreational activities, sports. They are not designed as habitats nor produce food for the city dwellers.

Urban gardening has therefore the potential to become the nature we have removed from the city. It can offer habitat for insects and birds and even provide us with local foods. Urban garden is what makes modern cities liveable places.

In the category Gardening I want to address modern concepts for urban gardening, find out what makes a garden fit for the city and what the best methods and plants are to keep an urban garden buzzing and growing.

Share the love of gardening an spread it all around the world for a more wildlife friendly and delicious harvest that will feed all the people on the planet and produce zero waste.
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