Franziska Schmid Veggie Love

Interview: Franziska Schmid – Veggie Love

Looking for a more sustainable approach to fashion I decided to look for clever concepts rather than new brands. As a busy instagramer I came across Noveaux magazine and one of its authors, Franziska Schmid. Franziska practices the vegan lifestyle and has been blogging about it since 2010. If you have read my post on "The Fashion Industry … Continue reading Interview: Franziska Schmid – Veggie Love

Clothes Swap

Shopping Alternatives #1: Clothes Swap

This Sunday I participated in a girls-only clothes swap event. The rules were very simple: bring the clothes you don't wear anymore and all that is left after swapping will be donated to charity. I am not a 100% convinced about donating clothes to charity but I wanted to try out clothes swapping. I did … Continue reading Shopping Alternatives #1: Clothes Swap