21 pieces

In our daily lives, we hardly ever get to ask ourselves the question of “How much do we really need?”. Asking this question more often would help us control our consumption, safe space and money.

After a few attempts to minimise my consumption and live with just the products I need and love to use, I ended up in front of my rather large wardrobe. I am not a fan of fast fashion nor do I buy the latest collections every season to be in fashion. But I do have my favourite pieces I collected over years, many denims and outfits for special occasions (I used to party in Madrid). Some of these pieces I haven’t worn and didn’t need in the last year. They take up space without being of any use to me.

After an interview with the vegan fashion blogger Franziska Schmid, watching the True Cost movie and learning about Vanessa Friedmans concept of a sustainable wardrobe, I decided to tackle the topic of a basic and sustainable wardrobe. This is where the idea of a 21 pieces wardrobe comes from.

Why 21 pieces?

On a perfect summer day I would wear a dress, sandals and a hat or sunglasses. These is a  3 pieces outfit and the simplest way to dress for me. If I could dress like this for an entire week without repeating this would require 7 different dress, shoes and accessories. 3×7 = 21 and because I don’t live in one season and I am willing to repeatedly wear the same clothes (so happy we are not that big of a throw away society yet that we can wear things more than once) 21 is a good number for me. 21 will be the number of items in my basic wardrobe not including underwear, workout clothes, pyjamas and simple T-shirts.

How does it work?

In the following year I will document for myself which clothes I do need and wear and put this 21 pieces wardrobe together for each season. No shopping, no accepting clothes for free and no throwing away. This is an experiment that will require self-control, organisation and creativity to create interesting styles from simple pieces. But because this is not about frugal living but a sustainable wardrobe, I will allow myself extras. These extras are clothes that I cherish, wear less often and mostly to special occasions.

When does it start?

This experiment will start the 1st of September 2015 and end the 31st of August 2016.

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