lease Cotton bags

My very old, very small cotton bag

Do you have things you cannot get rid of? I have them and more than just a few. Some of them are quite old but not necessarily used, while others are used but so much loved that throwing them away is like giving up a part of my past. I want to introduce a new column to this blog where I will write stories about my old but resilient stuff that somehow defines my lifestyle.

The first story is about a small and old cotton bag that got a new job recently.

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Mid-week trash talk

Mid-Week Trash Talk #3

It’s this time of the week and we are having our trash talk again. Instead of showing you my weekly bags of trash that go into recycling, this week I want to sum up all the alternatives that help me keep my trash at a minimum. Next week we are going back to trash bags, so for those who cheer me on every week on my progress towards zero trash, the trash bags will be back.

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Picnic absolut

Friday Wishlist: Picnic absolut

It’s summer at its best right now in the Netherlands. The extreme heat has passed, it has rained and everything looks fresh and green again and this weekends weather should be perfectly sunny with temperatures rising to 28˚C. For those who had to postpone their outdoor plans due to hot weather predictions (Nordic people tend to get scared when temperatures rise above 30˚C and expat friends/partners have to share their suffering indoors, at least in my case) it is now the perfect time to get outside and enjoy summer. Let’s have a picnic at the lakes, right?

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