Your Green City

Your Green City is a sustainable approach to modern urban living. It was founded in 2013 when Martha asked herself the question “How can I live sustainably in my own city but also all around the globe”.
From this question onwards various main topics developed and are now the centre of attention at Your Green City. Sustainability is the goal but renewable energies, modern technologies, conscious consumption, zero waste, urban gardening, sustainable wardrobes and inspirational people are the energy.

A sustainable lifestyle does depend on the place you live in.

About Martha

Your Green City
Martha was born in Poland but moved to Germany at the age of five. After finishing high school in Germany she moved on to Basel in Switzerland to study Physics. After her Master in General Relativity and a thesis in theoretical particle physics, she moved to Madrid in Spain to pursue a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics. In Madrid she started her street style blog madrilicious.com, worked as a freelance writer and photographer for ¡Vaya Madrid! and founded Your Green City, a guide to sustainable urban living.
After finishing her PhD in 2014 she moved to the Netherlands and works on her online magazine Your Green City, writes freelance about environmental topics for The Holland Times, learns Dutch (her sixth language after Polish, German, English, French and Spanish and if you don’t count Swiss German) and develops applications for sustainable living with Python.
In her free time (hardly ever) she devotes her time to gardening and growing her own food, travels around the Netherlands and works on her photography skills. For the moment she gave up on street style photography.

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