About Martha

Your Green CityHi, my name is Martha and I am the author and creator of Your Green City. In 2013 I created this blog to go on a journey of sustainable living in the urban environment. I had been recycling, going by public transport/bike and eating local and organic food since my teenage years but once I moved to Madrid, Spain all these good habits somehow disappeared in the void.  Instead I lived a rather carefree existence. Luckily this face of my life ended three years later and  I got back on track of being an environmentally conscious person.

Honestly I don’t know if this is the easier path 😉 but I’d rather try to be an active citizen rather than stay a lazy ignorant.

Statistics tells us that by 2050, 70% of the population will live in cities. And these cities won’t be necessarily small as the earths population is estimated to be 9.7 billion then. Time has taught us that bigger isn’t always better especially when we are facing climate change through human-caused pollution, deforestation and endless use of limited resources. But a city is also a place of creativity, innovation and encounters. These encounters can bring positive change and create a better future that I really hope for.

At Your Green City I want to be part of this modern revolution and go on a journey to find those alternatives in our cities that are the seeds for a better future. I invite you to follow me on a journey to rediscover our urban homes.