The Allotment #1

This January started rather unlucky. One Monday morning I woke up with a fever which developed into a cold followed with pain in my throat. While I was lying half-asleep on our couch, my BF got a call from an unknown number. The person on the other side was asking if we wanted an allotment as we had arrived on top of the waiting list.

My horrible start into 2016 turned into a little party in my head ( I was still sick on the couch) and next Saturday, after we had a look at the place, we decided to become allotment renters.

Our new plot is 8 meters by 12.5 meters which is quite big (100 m2). Right now nothing grows but in a few weeks we can start working on the construction of a garden.

The plan is to have a large kitchen garden, flowers for pollinators, an orchard and small fruit trees. A place where we can sit and barbecue in summer, harvest a lot of our own fruits and vegetables and grow for taste. But first its time to work hard and create a good structure, build up compost and plant some trees.


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