People Tree Autumn Winter

Transparency in Autumn via People Tree

When I lived in Stockholm November was a month everybody feared or at least tried to keep out of their minds. It’s the month with the least hours of daylight in the Northern hemisphere and in places like Sweden, not just the sun becomes shy but it rains quite frequently. You are in a state of mind close to depression I’ve been told and hardly any work gets done in November. The perfect time to take a holiday in the South.

Farther South in the Netherlands, the situation is not as critical but with leaves falling and temperatures dropping I get in the mood for skirts, boots and pullovers. I went window shopping at People Tree to get some winter wardrobe inspiration. People Tree is one of the brands that really embrace transparency and fair working conditions in places such as Bangladesh. They not only tell you “Who made your clothes” but also have great designs to choose from.

People Tree Autumn Winter

  1. Nisha Drape Coat by People Tree
  2. Dorah Noah Vegan Ankle Boots by Avocado Store
  3. Adelaide Skirt by People Tree 
  4. Houndstooth Jumper in Grey by People Tree
  5. Enamel Sqaure Earrings in Teal by People Tree

I would wear this combination all winter long (except for really ugly weather, I don’t want to destroy the boots). To the office, to meetings in the city, in the evening you get the picture. These quality pieces will last for a long time when taken good care of and definitely be great additions to a sustainable wardrobe.


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