Slow Fashion Pledge

Slow Fashion Pledge

Today I came across and decided to do the Slow Fashion Pledge. Honestly for me this is a no-brainer, I have been into vintage shopping and clothes preserving for years which led to a wardrobe that dates back to the 50’s (a Burberry Trench I got on Ebay). But the Slow Fashion Pledge is more than just refusing cheaply produced and short-lifespan clothing.

Slow Fashion is a movement that requires designers to be more transparent in their production, supply chains and costs. If you pledge to buy Slow Fashion it means you pledge to get to know your clothing beyond the label and fabric. Asking for this kind of transparency has motivated many companies already to make it their most valuable currency and rely on trust rather than attracting customers with low prizes and flashy fabrics. Slow Fashion is creating a new circle of shopping where we create relationships of trust with the product and company, invest better, motivate more brands to want a piece of the cake and open up the information lost in the supply chains.

So why do I have to pledge and, even though I refuse Fast Fashion, believe that pledging will make a difference?

The reason is ’cause I want my wardrobe to not only be sustainable but also my clothes to be made sustainably, eco-friendly and fair. Pledging to buy Slow Fashion means I will have to check what I buy, go to trustworthy stores that sell ‘slow fashion’ and buy more with my brain than my instinct. The last one is probably the most difficult but that’s why I am on an extreme shopping diet right now.

I found a very well written (obviously) but also stimulating article ‘In Defence of Slow Fashion’ on Man Repeller where Leandra talks about Slow Fashion. I really like the parallel she draws between fresh produce and fast fashion, where you have to consume it within a certain amount of time before it gets old and looks ugly and makes it worthless on the long run. A wardrobe shouldn’t be a ‘fridge’ she mentions later and rather be seen as ‘hurricane cabinet for emergencies’ like fashion hunger in times when all you find in the stores is fresh produce or undesirable. I couldn’t agree more and reading this from one of the fashion worlds/street style stars is giving me a lot of hope that fast consumerism without brain usage will die out on the long run.

I pledge to shop consciously, slow down and consume less. I pledge to buy what is sustainable, good for me and the environment and assures a fair salary for people all round the world.

Slow Fashion Pledge

Are you ready to take the slow fashion pledge, consume consciously and help people all around the world to a fair salary? What’s your opinion on slow fashion?


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