sustainable wardrobe avocadostore

CO2 saving Autumn Wardrobe – Avocado Store

It’s getting colder outside and I already had a look into the depths of my wardrobe for some warmer pieces. For those of you who haven’t resigned from shopping for one year, yes I am still at it, now is a great time to get some style inspiration from window-shopping (are we still doing this?, tell me in the comments). To celebrate the season I combined my favourite pieces for autumn from Avocado Store (online “window” shopping is the new window shopping). Fair, sustainable and stylish.

In expectation of the COP21 meeting in Paris in December and to congratulate all the countries that have submitted their CO2 reduction goals, let’s get dressed with less CO2, fair and social production and saving resources. Of course with some help from the amazing

sustainable wardrobe avocadostore

  1. Grey Blazer Vivi by Armedangels
  2. Hemp Pants in yellow by HempAge
  3. Flats Sofia by Noah Italian Vegan Shoes
  4. Top KAYA by May You Be Happy
  5. Shoulder Bag Ella Midnight Black by O My Bag

I will be doing a style article like this one every first of the month and each time I want to present you another sustainable brand/label/store. Let’s save the world one dress at a time.
What do you think about dressing with less impact on the environment? Do you shop consciously or have any favourite brands that are following a sustainability mission?


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