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5 “take action” movies for your next movie night

The best way for me to learn is by watching and doing. I really prefer a (good) tutorial on youtube than a guide book. Most of my knowledge about Climate Change, Sustainability and Energy Resources I acquired by taking classes on coursera. Today I am not going to send you back to school but rather to the movies.

My five favourite and most shocking (in a good way) “take action” movies:

  • The True Cost
  • This Changes Everything
  • Living on One Dollar
  • Food Inc.
  • Waste Land

I have chosen these five movies because they address various environmental topics like fashion, climate change, food and waste. There are of course more issues we have to know about to be really conscious consumers and I will also include a link below with some of the best environmental documentaries. I believe that being blind towards the problems others and the planet are facing is not an option anymore. We have reached a stage where we are hitting on the planetary boundaries that allow human existence. The only way forward is to face the truth and take action whereever you are. Start small, but don’t hesitate too long and don’t look back. The only way forward is to join the people who are living the change they want to see in the world.

Here the trailers:

I want to include a link to the best of list of environmental documentaries.

Did you like the movies or/and have other suggestions? Please share in the comments, I am eager to watch more about our planets hidden faces.


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