James Wong Grow Your Own Drugs

Make your own…everything

The first time I got confronted with the idea of doing my own beauty products was when I was browsing through the BBC garden series collection. The British are really enthusiastic about gardening and they do garden passionately. I came across a guy called James Wong, who is an Ethnobotanist, a trained plant geek in modern language.

Originally half British, half Malaysian, he studied at Kew, check the link and you can even watch A year at Kew if you really want to, and specialises in cool, exotic stuff everybody can grow easily in a Northern European Garden. Stuff like Cucamelons and Inca Berries. But this is not what I wanted to talk about. I want to introduce you to something much more fun. Making your own beauty products, or drugs, the series James Wong is starring in.

First question: Why should we make our own drugs, especially when we have so much choice already. The answer is simple: Because we can. Secondly, because it saves a lot of money especially when you focus more on the beauty products and third because we will finally understand what’s in our products. These are the obvious reasons, but in my opinion it is also much more sustainable to grow your own lavender, mix it with Coconut oil and brown sugar and get a super cheap body scrub. No extra preservatives or perfumes, no animal testing and at a time cost of five minutes.

You can find all the recipes on the BBC website and also check out his site at JamesWong.com. At the beginning it might appear a bit magical but the products he made really worked in most of the cases and the beauty products look really simple but effective.

Let’s stop talking for a moment and check out the first video featuring our favourite foods – fruits. James Wong creates some cool products we cannot get in the supermarket.

Personally I make and eat chicken soup (I have a French-Japanese Ramen recipe) whenever it’s getting cold outside or someone at home is getting ill (except for the cat). It has made me feel better each time and also helped curing colds and soar throats.

James Wong actually inspired me to look for tea made from hop (humulus) for sleeping problems. It worked really well for us even though I didn’t grow it myself (it’s a 4 metres tall plant).

Ok now it’s time to do the face mask.

What about you, have you tried to make your own beauty products yet or grow your own herbs for the kitchen? Which are your favourite recipes, please share with us in the comments.

image: James Wong website


5 thoughts on “Make your own…everything

  1. ecogreenlover says:

    We have grown our own herbs and some veggies like tomatoes and bell peppers (we dot have a garden but balcony). I once tried to make my own bronzer and it wasn’t bad I must say, I would do it again (I still have a good amount) and everyday I try to make something out of the daily plastic we throw away (jewelry, art, repurposing…) although I still have a lot of material hehe. But is really satisfying to do something on your own and maybe is not all but I feel good by reducing the amount of consumption and waste 💚

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