Beach Clean Up Scheveningen

Mid-Week Trash Talk #5

August has been a great month (minus the bad weather) in my garden, I set out to go zero plastic and participated in one of the biggest cleaning events here in the Netherlands. So let’s do a mid-week trash talk aka August recap.

I participated in the Boskalis Beach Clean Up Tour 2015 and helped to collect 400 kilos of trash on the 11 kilometres long beach from Scheveningen to Wassenaar.

Beach Clean Up Scheveningen

At the end of the day I was totally happy, exhausted and ready to get transported back to the starting point of the tour. In Wassenaar we finally had some time to enjoy the beach.

Beach Clean Up Scheveningen

The beginning of August, before the rain season, was when I harvested a lot from our mini allotment of 20 square metres. The best part is to eat your own food, of course.

Summer Garden Harvest

Summer Garden Harvest

I don’t really care what they say on Gardeners’ World but this year we had fantastic tomatoes and a lot of them. I grew them for the first time in my life, had no problems with any diseases and we were eating them from July and they are still growing and ripening.

Summer Garden Harvest

Summer Garden Harvest

Besides growing my own food I finally managed to make and store my own pasta. With the help of a past machine and this wooden drying system it worked out great.

Summer Garden Harvest

And of course we ate them with a pasta sauce made from fresh ingredients from the garden and farmers market (red pepper and garlic).

Summer Garden Harvest

Summer Garden Harvest

At the beginning of August I decided to go zero plastic. It’s much harder than I thought but I made great progress, I think.

Zero Plastic

Compared to a month ago my plastic trash reduced by 75% which means I threw one small bag in the month of August. The last week I hardly threw anything so I hope for less plastic trash in September.

Zero Waste

One key to going zero waste is definitely bulk shopping and last month I found a cereals provider in the next city.

Bulk Shopping Den Haag

Bulk Shopping

Another great way is to make your own food like yogurt and pizza which normally come in plastic packaging or Tetra Pak from the supermarket.

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Pizza dough

So that’s it for this month’s trash talk. Tell me how your environmental challenges are coming along and let’s discuss for a better future in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Trash Talk #5

  1. Conscious Collegiette says:

    The tomatoes and pasta look amazing! And your zero waste efforts are really inspiring to me. I live with a large group of college students, and the amount of trash we accumulate in one day is so overwhelming; for that reason, the idea of achieving zero waste feels far and admittedly daunting. But reading your posts give me plenty of hope. ~DC

    • Martha - your green city says:

      Hi CC
      after a couple of month going into the direction of zero waste, I feel that the goal is still far away…but I also see the improvements I achieve every month and this is motivating to me. So far I think the best way to get going is to take small steps and change a few things like reusable water bottles or making your own products like body lotion or face cream, it’s very easy and saves a lot of money. I believe your flatmates will like this part a lot if you want to present them with alternatives. I am sure you will manage to reduce your waste and also discover a lot of new ways to consume stuff more consciously. Good luck and whenever you need some help or tips you can leave another comment. It’s also motivating to me when people tell me I do inspire them.

      Best, Martha

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