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The Capsule Wardrobe in four seasons

It’s the last day of August and my last day shopping for clothes for one year. Yes you heard right I decided to take a shopping break but not only that I also won’t accept clothing gifts (sorry mom), and won’t take any new clothes into my wardrobe. For one year I want to live from what my wardrobe has to offer.

The goal is to figure out what my core items are, how many clothes I really need and to change my shopping behaviour for the good of the planet and my wallet. After this year I want to shop for sustainable clothing, pay fair prices for fashion and choose the few items I really want carefully.

The idea for this capsule or sustainable wardrobe came after my interview with Franziska Schmid  who told me about this idea she herself got from Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Editor of the New York Times. The idea itself was not really something new as I had read about basic wardrobes and capsule wardrobes before and really liked the idea of having “the essentials for a stylish life”, whatever a stylish life is for you. If you want to read something about it I would recommend the books A guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariauxhow can you not be elegant with such a name, right? Another more modern book (the first one is from the 60’s I think, so it’s also interesting fashion history), would be A year of style by French hair guru Frédéric Fekkai He talks from the perspective of an observer and assistant to stylish people in Hollywood but with a strong background knowledge about effortless chic people from Provence, France. If you ever wanted a comprehensive guide on how to care for your hair, get your make-up right for every occasion and dress accordingly to the season while enjoying a stylish life, this is the book for you.

After researching the idea of not shopping for a year and getting my sustainable wardrobe together I came across Caroline Joy Rector and her blog un-fancy, where she describes her capsule wardrobe of 37 (!) pieces for each season. I like the idea and especially the fact that you don’t have to be afraid to repeat yourself. She presents only clothes she really has in her wardrobe and wears in her daily life. It’s fun to read but more importantly is the concept of a seasonal, capsule and sustainable wardrobe the only way fashion can work in the future. Caroline has created a short guide on how to find your own capsule wardrobe on her blog and you can download it for free. She is also a funny person to follow on instagram…

For my capsule wardrobe or rather I will start with a basic and seasonal wardrobe, I am going to allow myself 21 pieces and extras. I want to put together 21 pieces from the beginning and than see which extras I want to wear additionally. This way appears much easier than deciding from the start, don’t you think. But first I need to fill out Carolines guide and get an idea what my style is like…so much fun especially when you are seriously bored with fashion and have been writing about the problems related with this industry for a month now. Creating a capsule wardrobe from your own wardrobe doesn’t require any natural resources, cheap labour or environmental destruction.

I hope to have inspired you today, see you next time.



4 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe in four seasons

  1. AimeeNott says:

    Aaaaah good luck with your year of no shopping! I have so much respect for you doing this, it’s such a massive step to take. I cannot wait to read more, even though I think it’s a while before I attempt this myself.

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