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August Special Edition: The Fashion Industry

A few weeks in with my Zero-Trash adventure I realized a much bigger problem. And with bigger I mean several things at the same time.

I always loved nice clothes and accessories, vintage shopping, quality items and the sales season. Regardless of where my clothes were actually made I believed to be a conscious consumer when my clothes were not Made in China, priced at a certain level or made of organic cotton. After reducing my waste and plastic to a minimum the question of clothes and their environmental footprint popped up in my head. Fashion is a very waste-full and polluting industry so how am I going to shop from now on?

After a little research and talking to some insiders of the fashion industry I realised that buying my clothes will require much more research, time and information from now on. My three main reasons are the following:

  • The Fashion Industry is the 2nd most polluting industry after oil
  • Child Labour and Sweat Shops (bad working conditions and low wages in general)
  • 24% of global insecticides and 11% of global pesticides are sprayed on 2.4% of farm land by the cotton industry (water intensive, polluting, fertiliser and pesticides hungry)

As a fashion consumer, I say fashion because it means consuming new clothes every season (daily, weekly, monthly, what do you think is your profile?), the chance that we not only make large companies rich but also encourage exploitation of the poor, children and nature is very high. We finance the pollution of our planet and the destruction of natural habitat. The worst is that we have no means to figure out if we really do or do not. Nobody is required to tell us and it’s not written anywhere.

This month of August I want to dive into the truth about how our clothes are made and what the environmental and human impact is. I will publish a few interviews on alternative and more sustainable ways fashion is done and finally dig into my own consumption or wardrobe to see what is hiding there and how I can find a way to be a conscious fashion consumer.

To start this I will join the Fashion Revolution movement, asking who made my clothes and watch the True Cost Movie.

A short but compact view on the Fast Fashion Industry by @zentouro.


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