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Saving Energy – 10 easy and fast ways

Arriving in Stockholm last week, a new country and a new city, I had no idea on how things worked here. Finding my new apartment was not very difficult due to the greatness of today’s modern technology. Really I couldn’t imagine a life without my IPad anymore. I will stay here the next 3 months and for the first time in 4 years I will live alone again. Happiness is the appropriate description of my domestic situation.

Living alone means not only more freedom and independence but also more responsibility. I did it before and so it was quite automatic when I started to turn off the lights or cooked the water in the electric cooker before putting it into the pot to make my first pasta in Stockholm. It is quite easy to start saving energy and much more effective when living alone. Where is the fun if you do it but your flatmates just spoil everything by not turning off the lights when leaving the house.

Here are some of my favorite tips on how to save energy at home:

  1. Turn your lights off when your are not in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room of the flat.
  2. Close the windows when heating and let the fresh air in before you start heating, I do this in the mornings.
  3. Don’t let your laptop run on the battery, it is much more energy efficient to connect it to the electricity.
  4. Heat your water for cooking in the electric water cooker, much faster and energy saving.
  5. I fill my fridge, which is half empty anyway, with bowls of water I found in my cupboards. An empty fridge is cooling air and air is not a good cold saver but water is one of the best saver of heat or cold. If your fridge is half empty like mine this will save you a lot of energy.
  6. Wash your clothes at low temperatures, I prefer 30˚C or 40˚C rather than 60˚C, it lets your clothes in a better shape anyway.
  7. Avoid the tumbler… I have to be a bit creative and hang my stuff on the heating as there is no other way available here.
  8. Recycle. I keep recycling paper from litter and plan to find other options soon.
  9. Start a herb garden. In Stockholm the supermarkets sell herbs everywhere. They have ecological herbs and it is just great to have the scent of Oregano at home. Even though it doesn’t save you energy at home it saves you the packages you would get when buying herbs at the shop.
  10. Use public transport as often as possible. Once the lakes have lost their ice cover I will try out the city bikes you can rent here.

Get more helpful tips on energy saving at home here.


3 thoughts on “Saving Energy – 10 easy and fast ways

  1. smallftprints says:

    Wonderful tips! I found #3 especially interesting … I would have thought that it is the other way around. But I suppose that because laptop batteries aren’t very good, and laptops take far less electricity than desktops, it probably is more Eco-friendly to use them with electricity. Thank you … I love it when I learn something new! 🙂

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