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Recycling Part 2 – Hidden Plastics

Sometimes when I am shopping and a bit undecided about what kind of cookies or out of routine food I want to buy, my inner green hero decides to go on a mission.
I suddenly start looking for ecological produce or enter an eco-supermarket. The moment I put this recycled carton packages of green-looking goods into my cart, I feel very satisfied with myself. It takes some time until I get home open the box and realise that inside of the recycled paper box, my food is packed in plastic. It is not always a disaster as some ecological foods have to be kept in plastic to stay fresh, but sometimes it is such an obvious overpacking, that I tell myself to be more careful about this hidden plastics.

recycling plastic sustainable living

Here some tips on how to avoid this extra plastic packaging and reduce your recycling waste:

  • Get fresh produce as often as possible 
  • Visit your baker and pastry shop to get bread and cookies or start backing them yourself, they taste much better homemade anyway
  • Tee is much more tasty bought loose than in a package and you immediately save a lot of trash if you get yourself a metal tea box
  • Shop consciously and look for recycled paper packages and with some experience you will be able to recognize, which one are producing minimum waste (buy FSC certified if there is no recycled paper available)
  • When I shop online I also end up having a huge amount of plastic ending up in the trash – try to shop locally here as well
  • It’s much better to buy bigger amounts in one big plastic box than small ones in many single plastic packaging. I often see offers like “Buy 5 Pay 4” on chocolate bars that normally don’t come in plastic packaging. This offers pack all 5 together in a plastic bag and than the offer is more wasteful trash-wise than when you buy it loose.

If you have more ideas on how to avoid hidden plastics, please share in the comments. Thanks and happy recycling!


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