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Recycling Part 1 – counting the extra waste

When starting a sustainable lifestyle, recycling our waste and litter is one of the most obvious things to begin with. Recycling basically separates the litter that is reusable like plastic, metal, paper and glass from organic waste and not recyclable things. If recycling is a very complex topic I cannot just have a few more trash bins and stop writing about it right now.

But recycling is much more than that. Recycling makes you realise how much plastic you produce by buying products without worrying about the packaging. It makes us take responsibility for our waste and do the extra effort recycling it to make this planet a better place and our cities cleaner living environments.

Through recycling I realise how much plastic I buy and accumulate every week without being aware of it when I shop. Plastic waste is by far the biggest problem when it comes to our personal waste we give back to the environment. In general we shop a lot and most of many of us look for the freshest and fanciest looking things. To achieve these effects most of our food and merchandise in general is packed in plastic. If we don’t recycle these plastic packaging it will eventually pollute the planet. Here a few tips on how to reduce your plastic waste:

  • Take your own shopping bag and avoid the plastic version you can buy at the shop
  • buy bigger bottles of soft drinks instead of the 0.5l pet bottles
  • when buying yoghurt for example get it in a glass of 500 grams  instead of many small plastic 125g packs
  • buy fresh fruits and vegetables at your farmers market and refuse to have everything separatly packed in many plastic bags
  • buy bread at the bakery and make your own cookies instead of the supermarket versions

If you can think of more helpful tips how to reduce shopping plastic please share in the comments.


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