30 easy ecological tips for every day

Easy Eco Tips – on being more sustainable

30 easy ecological tips for every day


You have started your ecological journey. You made the first step deciding to live more sustainable.In this article I want to share easy eco tips on how to start being more ecological in the city.

There are many ways to start but the easiest is to start with yourself and in your home.

  1. Recycle – litter is something we produce every day and there are a few ways we can reduce the amount of litter we bring home. But at the end of the day there will always be something left. Recycling bins help you separate your litter effectively without taking any extra time away from your daily schedule.
  2. Save Electricity – one of the logical things to do which will lower your costs and ecological footprint. Turn of lights whenever you leave a room and won’t enter again soon, turn of the standby of your TV, washing machine, etc. during the night. Don’t open your windows when your heating is running.
  3. Use energy-saving light bulbs in rooms where you spend most of your time like the bedroom, living room and kitchen and normal bulbs where you turn the lights on and off again within a few minutes.
  4. When having a party at home use reusable plates, cutlery and glasses instead of the plastic version. This will reduce the amount of litter drastically.
  5. Create a little garden at home growing your own herbs. You can buy herbs at your local farmers market.
  6. Dry your clothes on a line instead of in the dryer. Your clothes will live longer and it only takes a few hours to one day in most cases.
  7. Organise your things. An organised wardrobe saves you a lot of stress and shopping. The same is true for a clean kitchen.
  8. Eat fresh fruits instead of drinking pre-pressed juices. You can add them to your breakfast cereals and yogurt or make your own fresh juice. This way you save yourself the juice packages and get the most out of the vitamins.
  9. Drink fair trade coffee and help farmers in South America.
  10. Eat locally and seasonal. Get yourself a harvest calendar for your region. When buying food ask yourself if you really need exotic food from overseas. Most of the times you can eat as healthy with local produce. Harvest calendar are easy to find on the web and free most of the times. Here a harvest calendar for South England.
  11. Buy bigger packages of things you can store. I don’t drink tab water in Madrid as it contains chlorine, hurts my teeth and tastes bad in my opinion. To avoid this I get 5 litre bottles of water at the nearest supermarket. I could also buy a 6 six pack of 1.5 litre but the 5 litre is only one bottle and at the end I save a lot of plastic.
  12. When shopping look for products with high quality. They last longer and you have to buy less. This works as well with clothes.
  13. Go thrift shopping. There are many ways to do this. Vintage stores, online via etsy, ebay or here in Spain via segunda mano.
  14. Online banking is making life much easier these days and if you pay your bills online it not only saves a lot of paper but also a lot of your time.
  15. Read documents online and think twice before printing them. The less you print the less paper litter you produce. I read nearly everything on my ipad and the amount I printed since I have it reduce immensely.
  16. When buying shoes check the sole. Good shoes can be brought to the shoe maker and be worn for years.
  17. Use recycled paper for personal writing. It is the easiest way to help the rain forest.
  18. If ecological products are to expensive for your budget look for alternatives. Products which doesn’t use animal testing are a possibility to live more sustainable. In Spain Mercadona is where I get most of my cosmetic. They are produced in Spain and free of animal testing.
  19. Paper towels are good for certain things but not for drying your dishes. Get cotton towels to dry them or use old t-shirts.
  20. When using the washing machine avoid high temperatures and high numbers of spin-dry. Your clothes will dry on a line anyway and it keeps their quality longer good.
  21. Work-out at home instead of in an air-conditioned gym using online work-out classes.
  22. Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. If climbing your stairs is too much (when bringing your shopping home), take the stairs to go down. In many occasions you are even faster by feet.
  23. Use public transport as as often possible. Getting an abo will make it much easier and cheaper for you.
  24. Walk when the distances is less than 2 miles, it is a natural work out and you get to see and discover much more than when you drive your car.
  25. Shop locally to avoid going by car to often.
  26. Get to know your local farmers market and buy as many things as possible from there instead of at your supermarket. This way you help the local food industry.
  27. Ecological supermarkets are getting more and more visible in our cities. Visit your nearest and try some of their products. Here a list of the ecological supermarkets in Madrid.
  28. When shopping bring your own shopping bag. You save yourself many plastic bags and a lot of recycling.
  29. Sign up to newsletters from ecological minded organisations in your country. Greenpeace España for example.
  30. When living in the city it is crucial to get out to the countryside once in a while. It reminds you of green, animals and fresh air. It can also be one of the most relaxing experience getting out for the weekend after as stressful work week.

Any extra tips you can think of and recommend? What works best for you and what are you still testing?


3 thoughts on “Easy Eco Tips – on being more sustainable

  1. Excellent tips. I especially like #16 … so many times we just toss out shoes when they could be resoled and used. Of course, as you’ve suggested, it requires buying “quality” in the first place. Spending a bit more, however, will save in the long run and will definitely reduce the amount of “stuff” we add to landfills. Thank you for these ideas and tips! 🙂

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